Electrical Technician

- Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring,equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
- Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
- Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.
- Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
- Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.
- Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.

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Project Engineer (Electrical)

- To perform Electrical Engineering calculations and tabulations.
- To attend meetings with various Professionals and to understand multidisciplinesí»role.
- To lead and to monitor a project team by job delegation to subordinates.
- To support Project Manager with electrical project establishment and closeout.
- Reviewing design inputs and engineering drawings.
- To prepare BQ, to develop cost estimation and to handle project executions.
- To resolve issues related to electric systems or devices that arise during the course of construction.

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